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Spotlight on: The Goat Skincare Eczema Cream

Welcome to eczema season! Not exactly something to celebrate though, is it? But that doesn’t mean you and your family have to suffer all winter either. Eczema often flares up in winter because the air is drier and the humidity drops, which makes the skin drier as a result. Add to this the longer, hotter showers (bad for the environment and your skin) and the moisture-zapping heaters being permanently used, and you have a recipe for dry, irritated, itchy and red skin.

Why do babies get eczema?

You might wonder why and how babies get eczema, especially as they’re not willingly having hot showers or sitting near the heater. Unfortunately, in babies eczema is very common, and will usually develop before they’re one year old.

 Eczema is a genetic skin condition and though it is incurable, it is treatable.  The exact cause is unknown, but what is known are the common triggers that can exacerbate flare-ups, and once you learn these it becomes easier to manage (though the precise triggers will differ from person to person). Possible triggers include extreme weather and changes of weather, heating and air conditioning, diet and contact with harsh soaps and chemicals, including harsh laundry detergents. Your environment can also cause irritation, including pets and dust mites.

How to treat baby eczema

Unfortunately there is no magic cure-all for baby eczema. But it is treatable and there are nourishing and soothing creams (like our The Goat Skincare Eczema Cream) that can provide symptomatic relief. Aside from topical creams, you can use humidifiers in the room to stop the air from getting too dry, and also moisturise the skin often (more than once a day, using a fragrance free and paraben free gentle moisturiser).

 Other things that may irritate the condition are certain fabrics (particularly rough or prickly ones), dummies, or even too much drool and food around the mouth. This can be helped by using a thick moisturiser for dry skin as a barrier cream around the mouth, and wiping and reapplying throughout the day (or after meals if the child is eating).

The best cream for baby eczema

The best cream for baby eczema is one that is fragrance free, paraben free, and alcohol free. These are known irritants that will only exacerbate the symptoms of eczema further. This is why The Goat Skincare Eczema cream is the ideal solution for baby eczema.

 Our TGA-approved formulation is specifically created to provide symptomatic relief from itchy skin, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. The non-greasy formula provides 24-hour hydration to relieve and repair compromised skin and calm irritation. Using our signature pure Australian goats milk (renowned for its soothing and nourishing abilities) combined with botanical extracts, it’s gentle enough for baby – and the whole family. To see more, check our out customer reviews here.

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