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Skincare Solution for Sensitive Skin

Solutions for Sensitive Skin

If your skin is easily irritated and prone to reactions, it can be a frustrating and expensive journey to find the right products to suit your delicate complexion.

If you have tried endless liquids, lotions and creams but are still dealing with some ongoing sensitivity, trailing products with a simple, natural ingredient list may help to calm your discomfort.

At The Goat Skincare, we specialise in sensitive skin. Not only are our naturally-derived products pH balanced, affordable and free of any nasties such as hash chemicals, parabens, sulphates and colourants, they are infused with pure Australian goats milk renowned for its soothing properties. Packed with Vitamins A, B6, B12, D and essential fatty acids, goats milk works to naturally restore the lipid barrier and prevent irritants from penetrating your skin.

When it comes to cleansing sensitive skin, over washing, tugging and scrubbing is to be avoided, always. Look for a silky, gentle face wash, hand wash and body wash that will glide over your skin to effortlessly remove dirt and impurities and a specialised moisturizer for sensitive skin. At The Goat Skincare, all of our products are ultra-gentle and made with sensitive complexions in mind. We love hearing our customers tell us that The Goat Skincare keeps their “dry sensitive skin, soft and smooth.”

For those new to our range, our 5-star customer rated starter kit is designed to quickly deliver some soothing relief. Featuring all of our favourites for sensitive skin, The Goat Skincare Bundle Pack is a top-selling collection our customers return to time and time again. It features The Goat Skincare Moisturising Wash, The Goat Skincare Original Soap Bar, The Goat Skincare Soap Bar with Chia Seed Oil, The Goat Skincare Moisturising Lotion and The Goat Skincare Moisturising Cream, so you can quickly swap out everything that’s causing irritation for a comforting head to toe routine.

Whilst our original The Goat Skincare Moisturising Cream has a thicker consistency to smooth skin, when your skin is particularly agitated and dehydrated we recommend The Goat Skincare Eczema Cream as the best moisturiser for dry sensitive skin. Created especially for those suffering from sensitivity, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, it’s infused with natural goats milk, Calendula, Aloe Vera and Vitamin-E for gentle nourishment. Our customers praise this luscious product for being “thick enough without being too greasy” and providing lasting 24-hour hydration.

Harnessing pure goats milk farmed locally in Australia and the best skin-loving botanicals we can find, The Goat Skincare is an affordable, family-friendly option that will settle the most sensitive skin. Many customers come to our range in search of the best cleanser and best moisturiser for sensitive skin and after one try, they will never use anything else but The Goat Skincare again.

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