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Meet the family behind The Goat Skincare brand

Meet the Desancic family. This bright, bubbly and joyous family are every bit as warm as their pictures show. And though they will (far too humbly) tell you that they’re just like any other family, the reality is they’re anything but. Because, these are the people responsible for bringing you some of Australia’s most loved skincare brands – including The Goat Skincare. This is where it all started… and why, as a brand, The Goat Skincare values family so much. Here, Tijana Desancic gives us a peek inside the everyday rituals that make her family so unique.

Who is in your family?

Sally and Ray Desancic, aka: Baba and Deda (Serbian for Grandma and Grandpa): Founders and company owners of Core Metrics, and most importantly, loving grandparents. Tijana (TJ) Desancic, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Core Metrics, her husband Adam (“Uncle Adzy”) Cursio, their daughter, Sofia, 2, Howie the Cocker Spaniel and baby #2 on the way in June. Ivana (“Vans”) Lowrey, Co-Founder and full time mother, her husband Mark Lowrey and their children Harvey 4, Zara, 2 (aka: “zaza no-pants” because she’s totally potty training herself and prefers to walk around butt naked!), Henry the Cocker Spaniel, and Baby #3 on the way in July!

“If I had to describe our family in a word, it would be loving… but that said, it’s a good thing we all live in separate homes because we work together everyday! This means there’s rarely an “off” switch, and our business meetings are often over the dinner table. Despite this, our weekends are usually spent together too, even if it’s just for a quick morning coffee. We should really all be sick of each other, but this is our tribe and for better or worse we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

If I had to describe our family in a word, it would be loving…
Co-Founder Ray with granddaughter Zara
My sister and I love watching our children achieve little goals in their everyday life

In our family there’s a huge focus on food. Walking into any one of our homes the first thing you’d smell is the beginning of dinner cooking… usually onion and garlic lightly cooking on the stove in preparation for some delish meal. Each season there’s a new food ritual we all take part in like Italian Passata (pasta sauce) making day… even though we’re Serbian and only one of us (Adam) is Italian! And then of course, there’s our weekly family ritual: dinner at “The Fockers” (Sally and Ray’s) house every Monday night. It’s every bit as manic as you can imagine, with the kids running around like wild animals, but Sally always puts on the best spread and Baba always sneaks in a cheeky ice cream or chocolate, so the kids always leave on a (sugar) high. Our parents have always encouraged home cooked meals rather than eating out and this is something we take great pride in. Our mother was so creative in the kitchen so the food we ate was different each day.

Growing up, Saturday nights were always movie night at our house. My sister, my parents and I would go down to the local video store (yes videos!) and hire two movies – one for my parents and one for us – and spend the night cozied up on the couch watching movies until we fell asleep. Just this simple act of spending time together has imprinted on me as a parent too. I’ve seen how important it is to spend time with your kids, listen to them play and speak and to watch them develop and – I never understood the importance of that until now. I always think back to when I was a child and think of how patient our parents were when we were talking or explaining things to them, and now I understand. My sister and I love watching our children achieve little goals in their everyday life. Something as simple as figuring out that A is for apple… our hearts just melt – even if it is because of all those Q cards we’ve been shoving in their faces! Being a working Mum alone time is so rare, so one of my most treasured rituals is the 10 minutes or so I get alone in the kitchen each morning around 6am with my warm water and lemon, while the rest of the house (including the dog) sleep. Even if I’m doing nothing other than sitting there drinking my tea it’s officially ‘me time’ and I love the peace and calm of it. But nothing, not even that, beats our bedtime ritual with Sofia, where we must go around the room and say goodnight to all the soft animals in the room before bed. There are six of them in the room at the moment, I’m too scared to put anymore in there because our goodnights might take all night! These are the moments though, that you want to capture in the photo album of your mind, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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