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Upgrade to the 1L and enjoy 614 pumps in every bottle.

That’s 157 showers at your place!

How many in your home? Too many? Running out of toothpaste, body wash, toilet paper, snacks? Then an up-size is what you need.

Purchase the 1L which, at 4 pumps per shower will buy you 157
showers! Yipee!!

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But if liquid soap is
not your thing…

Then our humble soap bars are, well, the most creamiest bar you’ll ever try.

Grab our variety pack today, and see what all the (well deserved) fuss is about.

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Our signature soap variety pack



Something for everyone

This quality pack of soaps is exceptional value for the money. The soap smells great without being overpowering and leaves your skin feeling good. This variety pack gives everybody in the family a choice to pick which scent they like the best. The soap does not seem to go ‘soggy’, which to me is a money saving strategy as it is not melting down the drain hole like other soaps tend to do.

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