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Jessica Jane Sammut, Mama, Disrupted

If you’re Aussie, and you’re a mama, then you’ll no doubt already have bookmarked on your phone, and a copy of the quarterly mag dogeared somewhere in your home.  The lifestyle platform for the modern mother is the brainchild of former commercial lawyer Jessica Jane Sammut who now edits and produces the mag from her home-amongst-the-palms in Noosa. A mama to two fireball boys, her refreshing take on motherhood empowers mothers to embrace their own unique brand of this crazy ride called motherhood and to live your truth without apology. Here, she lets The Goat Skincare Journal take a peek inside her home and what her own life #disrupted is like.

Who is in your family? 

Jessica Jane Sammut, Founder of Mama Disrupt, her husband Jason, a pharmacist, their boys Zac, 11 and Finn, 7, Salty the Chihuahua, and Storm the cat.


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On family and motherhood… 

“I adore being a mama of boys. My boys are my biggest inspiration – they inspire me every day to be a better person and to model what living your truth and hard work looks like –  and not to be scared of it. My boys make me fearless because I want them to be fearless.

We love to walk on the wild side! I think life is fun, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Rules are kinda made to be broken, aren’t they? We work hard, but we play hard too. There is a constant run of practical jokes being played on each other, and always that possibility of doing something spontaneous. It’s a ride!

If you walked into our house you’d be greeted by loud music (beats)!  I would be sitting on our deck reading, or in my office working. The boys would be in the pool and my hubby would be cooking up amazing meals for the week.

As a family we love spending time at the beach, eating out, goofing around and chilling together at home poolside in our little white shack (my zen den) amongst the palms in Noosa QLD. We also love our down time, I swear we spend the colder months all curled up in our huge bed reading and scrollaxing and eating. Salty and Storm too!

The most challenging part of motherhood for me is the time management. Life gets so busy with running a business and running a family, and it is easy to get lost in that sometimes. You still need to make time for yourself, have quality time with your babes and make time for all the other aspects of your life too. I’m a bit of an all or nothing girl too, so it’s a learning curve for me to walk the balance. The most rewarding thing is, without doubt, the love. The love, The love. The love. Oh the love.”

On what makes your family ‘you’…

“The boys have travelled since a young age, which I think has expanded their minds and given them a context of life outside of this beautiful bubble we live in.

We have also fought hard to create the life of our dreams, living on our own terms, and this takes courage. I believe it’s not what you have that counts, it’s what you do and how you feel. And I think in this sense, the boys are growing up seeing what it is to be free and not owned by any material or societal constructs. The only story that matters is the one that you write.

We have a few rituals in our family.  Friday mornings are always Nutella wraps for brekky! Wednesday or Thursday after school is always a special time where the boys and I do something together. The activity changes each week – it might be a walk on the beach and ice cream, it might be a new movie that’s come out, it might be a visit to somewhere we have been wanting to go (such as the amazing country bakery we went to the other day), or something we have wanted to do. It’s just the three of us hanging out and having fun. We have a list we add to the rad stuff we wanna make happen!

Each night before bed I do ‘Three Things’ with the boys where they list three things they are thankful for, and then I list three things I am proud of them for. I love that time with them.”

On the crazy…

“The other day we were late for school (happens a fair bit) recently and were stuck in a one way system at a set of traffic lights. To free ourselves we ‘rerouted’ the car across an embankment of plants and drove (the wrong way) through the school gate. To the kids I’m now a stunt driver. It was all perfectly safe I have to say.”


On growing up…

“I grew up in London with my two brothers – one older, one younger – who I am so close to, and had the most beautiful childhood. I loved school and pushed myself hard! I always knew what I did/didn’t want. I grew up with the most beautiful group of girlfriends and we are all still close to this day. My mum and dad have been massive influences in my life and taught me to live outside of my comfort zone. They showed me that you can do anything you set your mind to.”

My boys make me fearless because I want them to be fearless.

Can you share with us your best motherhood advice?

“The best advice I ever received was:  ‘Everything is temporary so enjoy the moment and if you are not enjoying it, know it will pass. Plus, children learn through watching, so be that which you want them to be.” And the worst was always anything to do with how you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ birth or feed your baby.”

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