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Bar Soaps vs Liquid Wash

If you suffer from dermatitis or hand dermatitis, The Goat Skincare bar soap and body wash can provide symptomatic relief. Here we explain the benefits of each.

When it comes to body cleansers, you’re either in one of two camps: the bar soap obsessives, or the liquid lovers. If you’re unlucky enough to suffer from dermatitis, dry skin or itchy skin you’re probably used to gravitating towards a body wash, as in the past bar soap has gotten a bad rep for being drying to the skin. Of course, if you’re acquainted with The Goat Skincare products however, you know this is not the case, thanks to our paraben-free, artificial fragrance-free and gentle formulation enriched with pure, soothing Goat’s milk. So how do you choose which The Goat Skincare body cleanser is for you? We weigh up your options below.

Soap Bars

It may seem a little old school but soap bars are having a second coming. For years many shied away from them because a lot were made with ingredients that were drying on the skin, however our original The Goat Skincare Soap Bar has always been one of the gentlest and most nourishing on the market. Specifically formulated for dry skin and itchy skin, it’s enriched with our signature pure Goat’s milk and is free of parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrance.

One of the benefits of a soap bar is that it’s incredibly budget-friendly, compact, and it’s the more eco-friendly choice as it uses less packaging than its body wash counterpart.

Liquid Wash

Liquid washes on the other hand, have dominated bathrooms for the last two decades. Our The Goat Skincare Body Wash is also free of known irritants including parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrance, and has the added benefit of being ultra moisturising. This unique formulation includes nourishing Goat’s milk, which is calming, soothing and perfect for dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

Those who love body washes enjoy the aesthetic of having something simple and beautiful on display in the bathroom. It can also be cleaner and tidier for families and more hygienic for households with multiple people using the one cleanser. On top of this, soap kept in a moist environment will need to be replaced more regularly (once a month) to avoid bacteria build-up.

The Verdict…

When it comes to getting the job done – that is, removing dirt and cleansing the skin effectively –  they both perform the same function, as well as each other. So whether you decide on a soap bar or body wash really comes down to your personal preference. However, if you have dry skin, itchy skin or sensitive skin, one thing that is non-negotiable is avoiding known irritants so always read the ingredients labels and avoid sulfates, parabens and artificial fragrances, all which can lead to flare-ups of these skin conditions.

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