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About Us

The Goat Skincare story isn’t just about a product, or a magic ingredient… it’s about family. And how wanting the best for our family led us to create a product that could be loved and enjoyed by families across the world.



Born in Europe, our family (Mum, Sally, Dad, Ray and twin daughters, Tijana and Ivana) migrated to Australia in the ’80s. As a child, Ivana suffered from sensitive skin and eczema and Ray would buy cakes of goat’s milk soap for her from the local market. Over the years Ray and Sally went through so many variations of products to help Ivana with her eczema, from highly medicated formulations to natural and organic treatments.


While doctors kept recommending medications like cortisone to treat her skin, ultimately it became evident that in order to heal herskin everything had to change, from skincare to diet, but still the onlything that soothed her skin was that goat’s milk soap.


Fast forward 20 years and our family business, Core Metrics, has grown producing many admired Australian Skincare brands.

Our niche was, and always has been creating products that are family friendly and affordable and that solved a problem for us – as well as other people. Sally was a skincare and beauty buyer with years of experience in the industry and a passion for natural ingredients and we decided that we wanted to make something that wasn’t skewed toward age, or gender or skin issues, and that everyone could use and love. Eventually we came back to that $8 bar of goat’s milk soap and the brand was born.

Each of our products is made using the key ingredient of pure goat’s milk which is ethically farmed and sourced in Victoria. They’re free of parabens, sulphates and are pH balanced so they can be used daily, without irritating the skin.

The Goats Skincare range is suitable for all ages and all skin types. And, because we wouldn’t be here without them, we don’t ever test on animals.

These are products created lovingly by our family, for yours.

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